Reclaimed Building Materials

Reclaimed building materials have long been a great idea. The term has grown like wildfire on the Internet, especially over the past 15 or so years. Though, truth is that there have been junkyards and re-sale yards where demolition companies would “reclaim” any parts from demolished properties that they could resell.

While farmers used to reuse their old barn wood perhaps for kindling, or for making flooring in their own homes, they could also re-sell it. In more recent years, as farmers have died off without heirs, or with uninterested parties taking over the property, much of that great wood used to go to waste.

As people started getting into recycling and had to find a way to sell their ole antique restaurant bar, flooring from the 19th-Century firehouse, or built-in furniture from a craftsman style home, they turned to the Internet. As this happened, brokers, or companies that would sell reclaimed building materials, began popping up online.

Though, truth be told, many of them were actually around for many decades long before the term “reclaimed” ever surfaced. While it might sound like something used and very old should be cheap or inexpensive, it’s usually far from the case.

Reclaimed Materials Have Value
The reason they are so valuable is in the raw materials that they present for building projects. It could be that the size of the planks were wider in 1910, when the solid oak flooring was cut. Oh, and, add in that it may be a beautifully laid parquet herringbone floor that was hand-assembled by a craftsman and it skyrockets in value. That cost could be a lot more for a lower quality wood with sub par results in today’s market.

The idea is that the product is already made, so you have no fear of the unknown of how it might take a wrong turn. The other idea is that they just don’t make stuff like that anymore. People who purchase an antique bar or an antique fixture for their restaurant might know the quality of the workmanship, details, and plain interest in an old piece.

Even reclaimed brick may have the hand-hewn qualities and style that will fall much more naturally into place in an addition on an historic home, for instance. That’s part of the beauty of reclaimed. It may suit a home that was built in another era.

There are some wonderful architectural gems, like molding, fixtures, and uniquely created pieces that speak of the detail, materials, and craftsmanship of another era. Give reclaimed a chance and re-discover what was once new again.

Go with reclaimed brick, flooring, timbers, bars, marble, mosaic, pool tables, and even wall boards. It’s amazing the breadth of reclaimed materials that are available, thanks to the Internet. Be willing to ship far and wide, but be sure you are dealing with a reputable company that has many years in the business before sending out your money. You may be an unwilling victim of a scam otherwise.

Wirral Builder

There are many people who wish to start a building company in Wirral, but do not know where to start. For starters, some of the things you will want to know before starting a building company is the building process, how to manage the company books, best business practices, and the economic value of the area you wish the start the business. Starting a building company is a good choice, because there will also be a high demand, due to all the new homes and offices being built. This article is going to give some basic information on how to run a building company in Wirral. It will include information on how to take care of workers, how to run the business, take care of finances, company structure, and how to take care of clients.

How to Manage the Workers

You will want to make sure that you have dependable and hard working employees, since your company’s reputation will be on the line. You don’t want to get bad reviews, due to your employees mistakes, so make you have a good hiring process. Ask for references and call the last place of the persons employment. You may also want to have a training program in place to teach new hires your exceptions on job sites. After you find out which employees make the cut, you can offer them a good pay rate and include other incentives such as health care to keep them.

Don’t Do Everything Yourself

The last thing you will want to do, is try to run the whole business by yourself. This will cause a headache and will lead to things not getting done the correct way or not on time. You will want to split up the work to free up time, so you can focus on the thing that matter the most to you.


It will not be cheap to run a building company, since all the equipment needed will add up quickly. You will most likely need to have lenders, to get started. If you do plan on having lenders finance you, be sure to have a solid business plan on hand. You will want the business plan to include your mission statement, projected cost and profits, and marketing plans.

Company Structure

You will need to structure the company in a way that it runs smoothly. This may require hiring a supervisor or a foremen to run the crews in field. The foremen will then let the managers know how the project is going and will also let others know what the manager needs done.


If you want a successful company, then take care of the clients. Be sure to listen to them and let them know of an hiccups that may can did occur on the project.

Managing a building company in Wirral is hard work, but with the right information, you will be able to run one successfully. Just listen to the advice in this article when starting out and you will be one your way.