Discover How To Start And Run A Business That Sells Water Lilies

Water Lilies

Water lilyIf you deeply love water lilies and it’s a passion of yours, then you may be wondering if it’s possible to start a water lily business and run it successfully. The good news is there’s an awful lot of people who like them as well. Another good fact about water lilies is the fact that they are fairly easy to grow to a size appropriate for selling. There are some companies who report that their biggest profits come from the sales of water lilies.

Are There Any Difficulties To Raising Water Lilies?

When starting and running and business selling lilies the biggest obstacle will be getting enough space to hold the tanks needed to grow them and there is a bit of preparation that’s involved with the process. It will require growing them and then dividing things up and you will ultimately need to have a grow pond built out which fortunately is not very expensive. In fact, you can commonly build them for under $150.

If you live in a tropical area such as Florida you may choose a type of water lily suited for tropical climates. If you live in an area that isn’t tropical, then you can choose to use hardy lilies. These are actually easy to get at Lowe’s or Home Depot as they are suitable for more areas throughout the country. If you need help understanding more about the different types of lilies you might consider selling, there is information readily available everywhere.

Starting Out With Your Own Large Pond

There are stories online of business owners who sell lilies and they started this business simply out of their own love and passion for ponds and water lilies. They would get these flowers and pot them and then place them in galvanized tubs. As a new business, you will likely start selling by taking them to garden shows that are in or around your area. If the ones you have are attractive they will often sell very well there.

As you get your business off the ground you will find that you can easily sell these direct to the public. As the community becomes aware of your business you will be contacted by more people and you will even sometimes have the opportunity to provide these lilies to a business on an ongoing basis. Even if your particular location is in a rural area it won’t take long for the community to learn about your offering.

As your business grows you can expand by either getting a small delivery truck that allows you to deliver your orders or by using UPS for shipping. This often allows a customer to place an order by email or phone which is more convenient and expands the opportunity of the area in which you can sell to customers. Similar with other businesses, it is important that as you get started that you do the necessary research to understand your demographics and that you understand who your customers are so that you can reach them and let them know what the water lilies you have to offer.